About us

Anabtawi Creative Realities Inc. was founded beginning of 2016 in the city of Nablus as a private shareholding limited liability, to provide diversified advisory services to its customers from within and outside of Palestine.

Anabtawi creative Realities is managed by Ghassan Hisham Anabtawi, who is the managing partner and known for his long track record of successful management and practical experience in start-up firms and or in well established companies of various sizes.

In addition, the company managing partner has extensive experience in the field of company restructuring and re-alignment / re- engineering and business development aiming at upgrading internal processes and procedures and ways of doing things to help achieve profitability, expand market share, increase customer base and customer satisfaction/ retention/ acquisition.

Anabtawi Creative Realities cooperates with a number of local and regional experts known for their accomplishments, in addition to a number of other fresh college graduates and volunteers who work diligently and efficiently while maintaining the confidentiality of obtained information.